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About Two Wheels for life

We raise money in the world of motorcycles to fund transport for healthcare programmes across Africa. Official charity of MotoGP™ and the FIM.

For over thirty years we have been working with the enormous goodwill of the motorcycle community to make sure healthcare reaches people in the poorest and most remote parts of Africa.

The official charity of motorcycle racing, we run incredible auctions and events with the help of the riders and teams of MotoGP™.

The programmes we support operate in four African countries; The Gambia, Nigeria, Malawi and Lesotho. Delivered by sister organisation Riders for Health (Riders), unique systems ensure motorcycles and other vehicles run reliably day in, day out.

Now, health workers can reliably get out to villages to care for babies, children and the elderly, and test results can be taken to labs and returned swiftly for quick diagnosis of diseases.

Bikers and motorcycle fans know that motorcycles are incredible machines. They bring people together, they’re fun to ride and race, and they are also the only vehicle that can deliver care to some of the most remote communities in Africa.

Join our movement to show the world that two wheels save lives.